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Desirable Talent

Talents who constantly challenge the possibility
with creative thinking

In order to develop SUSTAINABLE Leather materials, we have developed various materials such as natural recycled real leather and the world’s first leather fiber.
Our collective years of experience and background in technology serve as the basis for our continuous push towards
an innovative and informed development of more environmentally friendly materials in the future.
All of our employees will make our best effort to develop technology continuously for better environment and future.


Persistent and strong challenge spirit
Respect the core values of the organization


Respect and care
Flexible communication skills


Knowledge with realism
Knowledge that is completed by self-development
Problem-solving skill and creativity
Customer-oriented professional skills


We operate various benefit programs for the healty and happy life of our employees.

Health care

Support health check-up
Special offer for comprehensive health check-up of employee’s family
Subscribe accident insurance


Support night transportation expenses
Operate public vehicle
Support driver’s insurance

Family events

Support expenses of family events
Support family event leave
Provide wreath
Operate employee association


Vacation for date an employee was hired
9 days of summer vacation
(3 days of paid leave, 2 days of annual leave)
8 days of winter vacation

Other expenses

Dinner for overtime work
Get-together / workshop
Provide job-related education


Operate lounge room
Operate dormitory

Encourage childbirth

Maternity leave and support fund
Maternity leave for spouse
Childcare leave

Reward system

Reward for long-term employees
Reward for model employees
Stock option
Invention reward system

Job introduction

We introduce various works of Atko.


Detailed works: Domestic sales / Overseas sales / Sales management

Main activities of salesperson are to introduce environmentally-friendly regenerated materials to customers in the field of fashion, fabrics, bags, shoes and automobile and to manage ordering and delivery.
They will perform sales activities such as receiving orders from customers, delivery, customer management, market research, domestic and overseas exhibitions, contracts, establishment of sales strategy and pioneering of new customers. Our sales staffs are able to grow into sales professionals through opportunities to experience and expand their top-level sales forces in Korea and abroad by performing various sales activities.


Detailed works: Production / Production management / Quality control

We carry out scientific and systematic works to produce the product desired by customers based on manufacturing know-hows and accumulated technology of Atko Planning.
We cultivate comprehensive management skills through systems such as production planning, prime cost management and enterprise resource planning (ERP). In the production stage, we carry out works that maintain our best pride in domestic and overseas by practicing quality preference with thorough process control through process management system and ISO9001 and ISO14001 for better quality. In addition, we play a pivotal role in producing better and differentiated products that meet expectations and desires of our customers with organic cooperation system with related departments such as management, R&D and sales. Manufacturing of Atko Planning can realize our own capacity and dreams as a professionals through works with active participation and enthusiasm.


Detailed works: General affairs / HR/ Financial affairs

Management works is responsible for managing overall management activities such as sales, manufacturing and R&D to maximize the business performance of our company. This department is responsible for managing the creation of value on management activities for intangible and tangible asset management, management and strategy of human resources, company vision and management goals. Through this, you can grow into management professionals.


Detailed works: Development, improvement, patent, certification

Main works of researchers are to develop and commercialize new products that meet various needs of customers through constant research activities on regenerated materials. To do this, researchers develop new product by understanding various new technologies and latest trends in the field of regenerated materials by conducting domestic and overseas market research and attending domestic and overseas exhibitions. They also conduct researches to improve the uniformity and product value of existing products.
During this series of research, the researchers are responsible for setting the concept of products, searching and developing regenerated materials, developing know-hows and developing the manufacturing process by cooperating with manufacturing department. You can develop the qualities of creative researchers who are progressive and challenging through research symposiums and conferences that can gain research results other than new product development and various education program at home and abroad designed to cultivate research skills and grow into professional researchers.