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ATKO planning developed ‘Regenerated Leather Yarn’ with leather waste

2019-09-01 22:26

A venture company specializing in leather recycling has developed a technology to extract leather fibers from leather waste and make them from recycled leather yarn.

Kim Ji-on, CEO of eco-friendly venture incorporation ATKO Planning, successfully produced "regenerated leather thread(ATKO 4000)" with several attempts to develop related technologies to expand the use of recycling of leather waste. It is the first achievement of dry technology of using leather waste.

Scraps of leather waste contains chromium, a heavy metal, and has been classified as specific industrial waste. Because of this, landfilling and incineration is impossible, and most of the disposal has been removed by ocean dumping, which is even prohibited under the London Convention.

However, recycled leather yarn developed by ATKO planning is an eco-friendly material made of leather fibers, expected to be used in various fields since it can be re-recycled continuously and rarely bears the risk of secondary pollution in the soil.

Currently, the trademark and patent application for ATKO 4000 has been completed, and development is being applied to sneakers or backpacks.


[Source:] ATKO planning, developed ‘Regenerated Leather Yarn’ with leather waste

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