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[Interview] Ji-eon Kim of Atko Planning

2020-02-11 00:11


[Interview] Ji-eon Kim of Atko Planning

Draw out the yarn from the leather waste. Through regenerating process, 100% new fabric is created. After long years of research, Ji-eon Kim, CEO of Atko planning, is  who finally made the achievement. She started as a one-man company and now has raised a respectable small corporation with 34 people.

"It takes thorough knowledge of the material and fabric as well as constant effort to regenerate the waste. So we can continue to develop. Our goal is to turn leather waste into recycled materials and utilize it in the global market in the future," Kim said.

Atko planning will also move to a larger facility in Paju to produce products in short time. Currently, international fashion brands such as Gucci, Emporio Armani, Adidas, Zara and Longsham has signed contracts and made love calls to Atko planning.

She was honored with the Grand Jury Prize at the 11th Premiere Vision Awards 2019 in Paris this fall. The remarkable event, which the fashion industry pays attention to every year, selects the most original and innovative product from the companies participating in. Atko planning's award-winning item is the world's first recycled leather, which is highly evaluated for its sustainability.

"There is still a lack of awareness and domestic policy regarding regeneration in Korea," Kim said. "But surely this market will become more important and determine the value of the future. Within it, we will put our efforts to come up with new products and fabric."


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