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Eco-friendly leather 'Atko Planning' attracted investment of $13 million

2020-02-10 00:10

Atco planning, an eco-friendly fashion material company, has attracted investment in a total of $13 so far, and is recognized its potentiality in the fashion industry. Since 2016, it has attracted funds from several investors such as Yellow Dog Investment and Idea Bridge, and recently drew $2m from K2 Investment.

Atko planning, led by Ji-eon Kim, has the technology to produce renewable leather from the discarded leather. Atko planning is developing various materials that can be regenerated once and again.

At the end of last year, Atko planning has emerged as a global eco-friendly fashion material company, winning the Grand Jury Leather Prize at the 11th PREMIERE VISION Awards 2019. It has clinched orders with international companies such as "Zara" and "Longsham," and has recently got a deal with "Balli." Armani and Calvin Klein have released products made of Atko materials and Atko planning is currently in talks with about 80 companies.

CEO Ji-eon Kim said, "Many companies highly evaluated the 'social impact' and invested to Atko planning. "The obvious mission of Atco planning is the development of materials that can be circulated continuously," she explained.


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