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Atko planning is emerging as 'No.1 Recycled Leather-Producing Company'

2020-01-30 01:08

Armani's clothes and Adidas' sneakers, which are made of recycled leather from Korean startup corporation Atco planning, are released to the market soon.

Recently, recognized as the promising green company, Atko planning has received an investment of $6m and is expected to get the additional investment in amount of $6m.

The material directors of luxury brands such as Valentino, Gucci, and Christian Dior have desired Atko's products first and global sports companies such as Adidas, Puma, and New Balance are already making shoes from the company's recycled leather.

Ji-eon Kim, CEO of Atko planning, has developed the world's only technology to create recycled leather without consuming water. Since no water is used, no water waste is generated, and no dyeing process is needed.

Currently, Atko's products are mainly used for making sneakers yet they are expanding their target market with various fields such as car and clothing. Well-known car companies like Volve and Toyota is already using the recycled leather to make their car trunks.

Kim said, "The contact with global luxury and sports brands mainly started at trade shows." Atko planning has participated in overseas exhibitions about six times a year, including Premiere Vision (PV), Nike, Adidas vendor show, NW, and Hong Kong Fashion Access.

Recently, Atko Planning could grow rapidly as global fashion companies including Adidas and Armani are using eco-friendly materials more. In particular, progressive designers have a high preference on Atko leather.

Kim said, “We are planning to move into the second Industrial complex in Paju next year and complete building the production infrastructure. As mass production becoming possible, we are expecting triple-digit growth with the larger amount of products. We want to be the first in the field of recycled leather in the future.”


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