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Grand Prize of "Recycled Leather" Awarded by "PV AWARDS 2019"

2019-09-23 01:12

PREMIÈRE VISION PARIS, the world's largest fashion textile fair, opened in Paris on the 17th. On the opening day, the 11th PV Awards 2019 awards ceremony was held for textile materials and leather.

The annual fashion industry draws attention to the selection of the most original and innovative products from exhibitors participating in the Première Viennese Fabric and Première Viennese Leather.

PV AWARDS selects the best fabric and leather companies in four categories: Grand Jury Prize, the highest judge, and Handle, Imagination and Fashion Smart Creation.

Duksung Inco, Vision International, Tera Optima, Seojintex, Sinjintex, and Atko planning were nominated for the 11th awards ceremony. Got it. The Grand Jury Prize, awarded to Atko planning, is awarded to the companies developing products that contribute to this season's most outstanding, iconic and global topics of sustainability and environmental issues. It is very encouraging to be considered the best in the global competition.

The awarded item of Atko planning is the recycled leather product refabricated from blended fiber extracted from the waste leather and is highly evaluated for its technological renovation and sustainability for the environment.

Atko planning is a promising venture corporation attracting overseas luxury brands within five years.

[Source: JoongAng Ilbo] Grand Prize of 'Rebirth of Waste Leather' 'PV AWARDS 2019'

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