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Worldwide Luxury Products are possessed by ‘K-Material’ armed by ‘Innovation’

2019-09-01 22:28


- Contract with ATKO planning, EMPORIO ARMANI and ADDIDAS….Exclusive contract with TOPTEC and NORTH FACE.

While the textile industry is on the downhill due to sluggish domestic demand and exports, there are mid-sized and small-sized companies that win and win with global luxury companies' love calls for innovative materials development. ATKO planning, this takes the design and environment from recycled leather materials, and TOPTEC which introduced outdoor materials with Nano membranes similar to egg shells, are representative.

EMPORIO ARMANI has been selling women's shopper a bag with ATKO planning’s recycled leather in worldwide since February this year. The new product is a shopping bag embossed with EMPORIO ARMANI’s logo and is similar to the original artificial leather shopping bag design. ATKO planning’s regenerated leather is a dry regenerated method that is made of existing leather products in the form of fibers and applied temperature, moisture, and pressure for a certain time. People are hard to recognize them.

Also, ADDIDAS’ sneakers, the world’s first recycled leather yarn is ATKO planning’s product. ATKO planning will develop a fabric made of recycled leather yarn last year and will supply it to ADIDAS later this year. Regenerated leather thread fabric has the advantages of leather, such as heat retention, flame retardancy, and shock absorption, while being 30% lighter than existing leather seats.

As luxury companies applied ATKO planning’s recycled leather to their products, famous brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Kevin Klein decided to use recycled leather on bags and shoes.

In Korea, Global Outdoor Brand named ‘NORTH FACE’ found first about the Nano membrane (thin film made of nanofibers) applied to the Air Queen's sanitary pad, known as “Hani’s Sanitary pad.” NORTH FACE unveiled nano-fabric 'Future Light' at CES 2019, the world's largest electronics exhibition in January this year.

Future Light has been building a global atheletic team of world-class climbers and skiers for the past two years, including Himalayan Everest and Cho Oyu, etc. NORTH FACE explains that it has proved perfect waterproof and breathable through extensive field tests in various environments.

The innovative material used in this future light is Nano Membrane, exclusively supplied by TOPTEC.

NORTH FACE has signed an exclusive supply contract with Toptec for three years until 2021 and is seeking further contracts.

ATKO planning Kim Ji-on said, Kim Ji-on, CEO of ATKO planning

"I was glad to see that the hard-grown recycled leather was reborn as a luxury bag and displayed in a real store."

"We look forward to a quick social consensus in Korea that favors innovative and environmentally friendly materials and products."