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ATKO planning released a new product at ‘2018 NW Materials Show

2019-09-01 22:24

Korea's eco-friendly venture company, ATKO planning (CEO Kim Ji-on) introduces a new product made with recycled leather manufacturing technology to the '2018 NW Materials Show' held in Portland, Oregon, USA on February 7th.

NW Materials Show is festival, introduces natural and synthetic leather, textiles, fingerprints, accessories, clothing and footwear parts in the industries of jewelry, and ornaments, leather, PVC, yarn. In Portland, where the event takes place, Nike company is located, the No. 1 global outdoor company, Nike's partners are also well known for meeting with marketers.

ATKO planning will present eco-friendly products in line with global market trends on this day, and will exchange with other global buyers as well as Nike.

The new product to be presented at the ‘2018 NW Materials Show’ is the recycled leather yarn (ATKO4000). Designed to expand the use of leather waste recycling, the ATKO4000 demonstrates ATKO planning's unique technology. It is after several attempts to develop the technology, last year; it succeeded in developing recycled leather yarn as the first dry technology.

Also, ATKO4000 is an eco-friendly material made of leather fiber, so it can be recycled and is expected to be used in various fields as there is no risk of secondary pollution in the soil even when disposed.