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2016 Korea Eco-friendly Festival’ opened with the public interest

2019-09-01 22:17

The 2016 Korea Eco-friendly Festival which is the Hanmadang Festival of eco-friendly technology and products was opened on the 18th with the public’s attention.

The Ministry of Environment (Minister Cho Kyung-kyu) is holding and proceeding with the 2016 Korea Eco-Friendly Exhibition at COEX in Seoul from 18th to 21st of this month to spread green products and eco-friendly life.

This eco-friendly exhibition will share the wisdom to move toward a healthy future through eco-friendly living under the theme of “I draw Healthy World!”

First day of the ceremony, was attended by more than 100 people, including Cho Kyung-kyu, Minister of Environment, Hong Young-pyo, Chairman, Environmental Labor Commission, Yong-Joo Kim, Korea Environment Industry Technology Institute , Jae Ok Kim, President, Korea Climate and Environment Network , and Young Sup Jeon, Chairman, Sustainable Development Committee.

Also, the Ministry of Environment and the Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute held the '2016 Environmental Industry Investment Conference' at the COEX Conference Room 307, Samsung-dong, Seoul on the 18th.

The eighth event this year was attended by 20 local environmental companies and 20 investment organizations, discussing the expansion of private investment in promising environmental companies.

In the investment agreement, the company signed a total of 1.8 billion won ($1.8 million), including ATKO planning (CEO Kim Ji-on), Magellan Technology Investment, Clean Solution, a non-metallic material recycling company (CEO Cho Ho Suk), and SBI Investment.