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62019.09.01 Worldwide Luxury Products are attracted by ‘K-Material’ armed with ‘Innovation’
Worldwide Luxury Products are attracted by ‘K-Material’ armed with ‘Innovation’
Worldwide Luxury Products are attracted by ‘K-Material’ armed with ‘Innovation’
- Contract with EMPORIO ARMANI and ADDIDAS….Exclusive contract with TOPTEC and NORTH FACE. While the textile industry is on the downhill due to sluggish domestic demand and exports, there are mid-sized and small-sized companies that win and win with global luxury companies' love calls for innovative materials development. ATKO planning, which developed recycled leather for both design and environment, and TOPTEC which introduced egg shell-like Nano membranes to outdoor materials, are representative. EMPORIO ARMANI has been selling women's shopper bags with ATKO planning’s recycled leather in worldwide since February this year. The new product is a shopping bag embossed with EMPORIO ARMANI’s logo and is similar to the original artificial leather shopping bag design. The regenerated leather of ATKO planning is hardly different from the natural leather because it utilized the dry regenerating method that is made of existing leather products in the form of fibers and applied temperature, moisture, and pressure for a certain time. It is hard to recognize the difference between them. Also, ADDIDAS’ upcoming sneakers, made of the world’s first recycled leather yarn, is ATKO planning’s product. ATKO planning developed a fabric woven from the recycled leather yarn last year and will supply it to ADIDAS later this year. Regenerated leather thread fabric has the advantages of leather, such as heat retention, flame retardancy, and shock absorption, while being 30% lighter than existing leather seats. As luxury companies applied ATKO planning’s recycled leather to their products, famous brands such as Tommy Hilfiger and Kevin Klein decided to use recycled leather on bags and shoes. In Korea, Global Outdoor Brand named ‘NORTH FACE’ found first about the Nano membrane (thin film made of nanofibers) applied to the Air Queen's sanitary pad, known as “Hani’s Sanitary pad.” NORTH FACE unveiled nano-fabric 'Future Light' at CES 2019, the world's largest electronics exhibition in January this year. Future Light has been building a global atheletic team of world-class climbers and skiers for the past two years, including Himalayan Everest and Cho Oyu, etc. NORTH FACE explains that it has proved perfect waterproof and breathable through extensive field tests in various environments. The innovative material used in this future light is Nano Membrane, exclusively supplied by TOPTEC. NORTH FACE has signed an exclusive supply contract with Toptec for three years until 2021 and is seeking further contracts. Kim Ji-on, CEO of ATKO planning, said, "I was glad to see that the hard-grown recycled leather was reborn as a luxury bag and displayed in a real store. We look forward to a quick social consensus in Korea that favors innovative and environmentally friendly materials and products." [Source: Money Today] Worldwide Luxury Products are attracted by ‘K-Material’ armed with ‘Innovation’ #recycledleather #atko #atkoleather #atkoplanning #leather #recycle #eco #textile #material #grs #yarn
52019.09.01 Commercialization of Eco-friendly recycled new material & recycled leather yarn
Commercialization of Eco-friendly recycled new material & recycled leather yarn
Commercialization of Eco-friendly recycled new material & recycled leather yarn
ATKO planning succeeded in commercializing Eco-friendly Recycled Leather Yarn (ERLY). ATKO planning, which started as a private company in winter 2012 and became a corporation in the spring of 2014, has invested R&D expenses of about $3 billion and developed eco-friendly recycled leather seats in the past three years. In 2018, they succeeded in developing the regenerated leather yarn for the first time in the world. This achievement is in 6 years after the continuous development of recycled leather material from the leather waste.
42019.09.01 ATKO planning developed ‘Regenerated Leather Yarn’ with leather waste
ATKO planning developed ‘Regenerated Leather Yarn’ with leather waste
ATKO planning developed ‘Regenerated Leather Yarn’ with leather waste
A venture company specializing in leather recycling has developed a technology to extract leather fibers from leather waste and make them from recycled leather yarn. Kim Ji-on, CEO of eco-friendly venture incorporation ATKO Planning, successfully produced "regenerated leather thread(ATKO 4000)" with several attempts to develop related technologies to expand the use of recycling of leather waste. It is the first achievement of dry technology of using leather waste. Scraps of leather waste contains chromium, a heavy metal, and has been classified as specific industrial waste. Because of this, landfilling and incineration is impossible, and most of the disposal has been removed by ocean dumping, which is even prohibited under the London Convention. However, recycled leather yarn developed by ATKO planning is an eco-friendly material made of leather fibers, expected to be used in various fields since it can be re-recycled continuously and rarely bears the risk of secondary pollution in the soil. Currently, the trademark and patent application for ATKO 4000 has been completed, and development is being applied to sneakers or backpacks.   [Source:] ATKO planning, developed ‘Regenerated Leather Yarn’ with leather waste #recycledleather #atko #atkoleather #atkoplanning #leather #recycle #eco #textile #material #grs #yarn #regeneratedleatheryarn
ATKO planning released a new product at '2018 NW Materials Show'
Korea's eco-friendly venture company, ATKO planning (CEO Kim Ji-on) introduces a new product made with recycled leather manufacturing technology to the '2018 NW Materials Show' held in Portland, Oregon, USA on February 7th. NW Materials Show is a festival introducing natural and synthetic leather, textiles, fingerprints, accessories, clothing and footwear parts in the industries of jewelry, ornaments, leather, PVC, etc. NWMS is also well known for the place for Nike, whose headquarter is located in Portland, to meet the markets. ATKO planning will present eco-friendly products in line with global market trends on this day, and will exchange with other global buyers as well as Nike. The new product to be presented at the ‘2018 NW Materials Show’ is the recycled leather yarn (ATKO4000). Designed to expand the use of leather waste recycling, the ATKO4000 represents ATKO planning's unique technology. It is after several attempts to develop the technology, last year; it succeeded in developing recycled leather yarn as the first dry technology. Also, ATKO4000 is an eco-friendly material made of leather fiber, so it can be recycled and is expected to be used in various fields as there is no risk of secondary pollution in the soil even when disposed. #recycled leather #atko #atkoleather #atkoplanning #leather #recycle #eco #textile #material #grs #yarn
ATKO planning Spotlighted at ALPF 2017 Leather Exhibition
ALPF 2017 Leather Exhibition ATKO planning is a venture company that owns leather recycling source technology, it’s the first time to join the exhibition and introduced hybrid leather and ATKO leather products. Especially, in 2020, ATKO planning received intensive love calls from EU buyers who are concerned about carbon credits and environmental regulations.
2016 Korea Eco-friendly Festival’ opened with the public interest
The 2016 Korea Eco-friendly Festival which is the Hanmadang Festival of eco-friendly technology and products was opened on the 18th with the public’s attention. The Ministry of Environment (Minister Cho Kyung-kyu) is holding and proceeding with the 2016 Korea Eco-Friendly Exhibition at COEX in Seoul from 18th to 21st of this month to spread green products and eco-friendly life. This eco-friendly exhibition will share the wisdom to move toward a healthy future through eco-friendly living under the theme of “I draw Healthy World!” First day of the ceremony, was attended by more than 100 people, including Cho Kyung-kyu, Minister of Environment, Hong Young-pyo, Chairman, Environmental Labor Commission, Yong-Joo Kim, Korea Environment Industry Technology Institute , Jae Ok Kim, President, Korea Climate and Environment Network , and Young Sup Jeon, Chairman, Sustainable Development Committee. Also, the Ministry of Environment and the Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute held the '2016 Environmental Industry Investment Conference' at the COEX Conference Room 307, Samsung-dong, Seoul on the 18th. The eighth event this year was attended by 20 local environmental companies and 20 investment organizations, discussing the expansion of private investment in promising environmental companies. In the investment agreement, the company signed a total of 1.8 billion won ($1.8 million), including ATKO planning (CEO Kim Ji-on), Magellan Technology Investment, Clean Solution, a non-metallic material recycling company (CEO Cho Ho Suk), and SBI Investment.